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this___myshit's Journal

1 June
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1. NO HOTLINKING!! that just uses up my bandwidth, which means nothing for you, so wouldn't it be pretty stupid of you to hotlink?

2. you MUST credit me. i take the time out of my day to make graphics for you to use. if you don't credit, i will ask you nicely to credit me. if you STILL do not credit, you will be banned.

to credit, use this code-

<*lj user="this__myshit"*> or <*lj user="____jordynhope*> take out the stars!!

3. comment and tell me what you are taking

4. i do NOT do requests. don't IM me, email me, leave me comments, or ANYTHING asking for requests, cause i won't do them. i may sometimes make a post asking for requests for info banners or something, or ask what you want to see next, but other than that i do no requests, k? thanks.

5. be nice. again, i take my time do make things for you, so if you're rude, you will be banned.

and, that's about all! have fun.


examples of my work are here and here.


if you would like to be an affiliate, please leave a comment!!


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more buttons coming soon!

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